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Are you into digital marketing these days? Want to know more about it? – Great! You landed in the right place let’s begin with it.
We will be discussing the two giants of Digital Marketing, their importance in the world of digital marketing, how they work and how their paid advert tools are used to reach online users.

 Google Ad Words


Google Search Network: It lets you place your ads on top the search engine results, you might have seen it frequently on top of your search results. Whenever a user searches for a problem and it matches your keywords – there are good chances your ad might appear to them based on the targeting you have set. If your ad appears in the right place and time you might have good chances of attracting and making new customers.
It is a paid platform by Google. The most effective and efficient tool to use when it comes to targeting your audience via Search Engine Marketing (SEM).
Ad Words provide various ways to target new or existing customers.

Assume a user searches “best online stores to buy from”. Now, if you have the matching keywords and right targeting, your ad might appear to this user and most probably it can lead to conversion, for instance, you have few broad match keywords like (e-commerce stores, online shopping stores, buy online shopping) then you have higher chances to appear in the ads. This not only helps you increase traffic to your website, it also makes you stand out from the competition in your country or globally. It covers all device users who use Google search engine.

Google Display Network: If you are an online shopping website this is a must use the network to showcase your products to potential customers whenever they surf the internet. It displays images, gif or videos to potential customers based on their interest, search history, demographics etc. This network also covers in-app ads which are effective for application download purpose and pushing promotional messages.


When it comes to Social Media Marketing (SMM), Facebook is on top of the list. It is used to interact and engage customers with brands. It provides crucial insights into consumer behavior and their perception about a product or brand. Facebook is free to use but if you want to place as you can do that as well. Facebook Ad Manager and Power Editor are used to creating campaigns. You can advertise via different ad types for instance; Canvas, Carousel, Video etc.  The reason why Facebook is so effective in organic and paid results is marketers have access to a huge number of potential customers with real personas which helps them to target their desired audience of a specific need or want. Facebook helps marketers to understand their customer’s behavior and collect useful information about their customer’s preference and creates their personas so that marketers can target their desired target audience. Facebook allow the advertisers to target their customers based on their interests, demographics, psychographics etc – this helps the advertisers to show a specific product to customers are in need of it and there are high chances of conversion.



It all about data, these two giants alone enjoys the majority share of the paid digital marketing industry, if you are looking forward to starting a career in digital, I recommend you should know and study these two platforms. Facebook Blueprint Certification and Google Partners Certification are must for every digital marketer to make a dent in a digital career.



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