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Jihad El Eit

Jihad El Eit

CEO - Manoushe Street

"We are extremely thankful to LAVA Brands team for their support in rebranding Manoushe Street where we capture our unique brand DNA and visual language. They designed a fabulous and user friendly website with international technical standards in place reflecting the essence of our brand identity."
George Pandehis

George Pandehis

General Manager - AGS

"We worked with LAVA Brands on AGS's new brand strategy & identity to interpret our vision for the future. The team from LAVA Brands expressed our vision in a very creative manner that is reflected on all of our company's communications. It is always a great experience working together."



LAVA Brands is a leading advertising, branding and digital activation agency in the MENA region headquartered in Dubai with an office in Beirut, Lebanon. An integrated agency that helps companies virtually in every industry to achieve their business objectives through better marketing communications.

As a boutique branding agency,we are proud to bring our client’s dream of brand to life; it is our passion to feature such a dream with a unique brand identity, a distinguished brand identity that will capture the minds of the consumers and increase our client’s commercial return.

Over 15 years of experience in the branding industry, LAVA Brands has created many customized marketing programs for high profile companies through an integrated line of comprehensive services. Our commitment and persisting work over these years blossomed in our various digital products, our technology tools, our shrewd market vision and above all in expanding the base of clients who have rewarded us with their trust and satisfaction.

As a specialized advertising agency we have adopted our own approach. A well-planned strategic approach.We take the brand from the Molding Lab where the early stages of Brand Architecture, Competitive Analysis and Brand Audit are performed. To the Compact lab, where advanced stages such as Brand Guideline, Brand Activation, Event Creation, Communications, Print Media, Digital media, Social Media, packaging, Mobile Apps, Game Design to Digital UX are to take place, an approach that truly ensure long-term solutions to meet our clients’ requirements.

We build a strong communication on a solid brand platform”, mirrored words of our philosophy. We believe that reinventing the mold for every client, adopting a holistic approach that uses branding as a platform to build all pathways of communication. We believe in providing a complete solution, catered for every client to suit the specific needs of their brands. By focusing on the bigger picture as a set of integrated stages with your brand at the core, we can maximize the potential of your business.

LAVA BRANDS teams are always pleasured to serve you, working at one of the most outstanding branding agencies in Dubai they believe that “Creative without strategy is called ART, Creative with strategy is called ADVERTISING.” Our people are talented, experienced, smart and likeable advertising,public relations and social media professionals who use strategy and creativity to help our clients do business better.

Our Brand Portfolio is rich, diversified and filled with successful stories about a wide range of clients from all sectors of the business spectrum from Banking and finance, Food and Beverage, Retail and Consumer Products, Government and Educational Institutions, Business and Professional services to Oil and Gas. Proudly we have worked with the business leaders in Dubai and the region and triggered the power that lies in their brands.

We always challenge ourselves to make every project an opportunity to shine because we are passionate about getting it right every single time. Our priority is to make our brands inspire and deliver real commercial results with growing value. By bringing together our powerful, coherent and holistic approach with years of recognition. LAVA Brands is your next concept of global brand experience.

Our creative design agency lead major projects to the peak witnessing our clients enjoying ultimate leverage in their domains among their peers. Thanks to our work which is strategically disciplined, inspired and original, and delivers results.

Our goals for the future is to further develop and expand the scope of our services so that we can grow with even more clients; raising the level of our products’ quality, investing the most technological developments in the digital world of advertising and communications, we will stay committed to the promises to produce our client an innovative, cost efficient, identified and successful brand which will form a solid platform for a future communications network reaching their consumers gracefully.