Impacts Of Digital Marketing On Human Life

We live in a world of ease as we can just get almost everything we need on daily basis to survive on our doorstep now and this major change was never possible without Digital Marketing of products.

We now can access good food we want to eat right at this moment while reading this blog, can have fancy cloths for this weekend’s jam, nice head phones as the old ones are not gonna give the sound anymore, a pair of nice sneakers or a smart phone.

Almost everything is available and accessible with only a single click on smart phones.All you need is to just type what you want, go look for the availabilities and just place the order.

This could never be possible if there was no “Digital Marketing” term existing and this is how the manufacturers and producers target their audience to be at the right place for the right product.

Digital Marketing has made our life so easier and has made us believe that we can get anything we want on a single click right at the moment.This sounds great but as we know “There’s no rose without a thorn”.

We get screwed sometimes by unwanted advertisements, unnecessary things even we don’t want like what use of a hair oil for me if I already have lost my hairs and I don’t need it anymore.


Watching a video You are just at very interesting turn over point and suddenly some Digital Marketing campaign appears on my screen.Oh, this leaves me with unwanted stress.


So we must say that everything which makes our lives easier come up pros and cons and we’ll have a look at these in here just to take an overview of where we are lying with Digital Marketing.

Pros of Digital Marketing:

  • Easy Access to products we Need.
  • One-Click approach.
  • Wide Range of Quality and Prices.
  • Delivery at Doorstep.
  • Global Approach
  • Less Paper, Save Trees
  • Economical

Cons of Digital Marketing:

  • Unwanted Interruptions with Unwanted Ads.
  • Go through something you don’t really need.
  • Unwanted Stress while looking over something out of budget and You can not really buy it.
  • “All that glitters is not gold” and here we refer to something which really looks cool while placing the order and it really leaves us with shock when delivered to us in terms of quality of product.
  • Privacy Threats as Digital Marketing agencies get the data of their target audience preferences and just put exact the same thing in front of them they really are looking for.


It does not matter either you want to see digital marketing ads or not, in both ways you are going to be targeted by all the marketing giants and what we can do is to be a little compatible with these sci-fi technology and methods to target the internet traffic to sell the business.
However, most of the Digital Marketing giants have created the algorithms which just target you on the basis of your internet search and are trying to improve it day by day to hit you right at the point and there is nothing bad at least you now get what you want or they just tell you about it through ads.

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