How Instagram Can Influence Your Social Presence

How Instagram Can Influence Your Social Presence


The growing influence of social media on the purchasing decisions has transformed the way of digital marketing; today, having a noticeable strong presence over all the popular social media platforms have become essential to socialize and personalize the marketing. When each digital marketing strategy, irrespective of business nature & size, essentially emphasizes on the optimum use of social media platforms, you need to do it in a smart way by choosing the most effective route to win the race; and, Instagram empowers you to race fast towards your marketing goals.


Growing Influence of Instagrammers in SMM:

The fast-expanding Instagram community had crossed the figure 500 million daily and 800 million monthly active users by September 2017. A survey report confirms that 17% teens accept Instagram as the best social media channel.  The fact that makes Instagram an integral part of social media marketing strategy is that more than 200 million Instagrammers visit a business profile every day. The videos shared on Instagram get 2 times more engagement than other social media platforms. Almost 48.8% of leading brands trust Instagram for branding and marketing; the trust of global community encourages others to join the wagon. Can you still miss the ‘Instagram’ in your SMM (Social media marketing) strategy?


Instagram Empowers Social Media Presence:  

At the end of the day, ‘Sale’ becomes the most important concern for the businesses. While optimizing the selection of social media platforms for SMM, the primary concerns are cost-effectiveness, engagement, and influence on buying decisions. The following figures give a fair idea about ‘how the Instagram empowers your social media presence’:

  • Over ⅓ Instagrammers use Instagram for online purchases.
  • Online purchases initiated through Instagram are 70% high than those made through non-Instagram accounts.
  • 75% Instagrammers use CTA buttons like ‘Shop Now’, ‘Cart’, ‘Wish List’, ‘Contact Us’ etc in the posted ads.
  • 37% digital marketers accept that ‘visual’ is the most important part of SMO (social media optimization) strategy.
  • 74% SMM experts rely on visual assets.
  • The shared videos are expected to generate 80% of total internet traffic by 2019.


5 Tips to Use Instagram for Visible Social Media Presence:   

Instagram’s marketing capabilities are powered up by the time-tested Facebook’s capabilities but to get the expected ROI, you need the goals-oriented strategy defined by the experienced ‘SEO-SMO- SMM experts’. The following 5 tips will help you use Instagram for the long-lasting social media marketing benefits:

  1. Set Up optimized business Instagram Account
  2. Include a back-link to bring the viewer to your business website; Instagram allows only one back-link.
  3. Create informative, interesting and conveying Bio /profile to hook the followers
  4. Avoid hard pitch to sell promptly; let the user influenced by your creative & professional photos.
  5. An Instagram post is as much effective as is the quality of photographs; high-quality squarely shoot photos simplify the cropping without any compromise with essential visual elements.


As of today or even for the years to come, there is no better way to add an edge to your targeted social media marketing than being professionally active on Instagram. Understand the requirements, expectations, likings, and buying behavior of the target audience; and, plan Instagram strategy accordingly to strengthen your social media presence.  Last but not the least, if you want to download Instagram videos and photos, you can visit social down and get away with any Instagram media.

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