LAVA Brands Proudly Launches HappyTenant

With fast growing population in metro cities like Dubai, property management comes up with more problems and headaches for property managers. It has never been easy to manage and control property and tenants with angry phone calls, sticky notes, wall notices as it comes with a lot more stress and this method is less helpful for so
many property managers out there.
Lava Brands came up with a full property management solution “HappyTenant” for the property managers based in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and other states of UAE in addition with KSA.

HappyTenant is a free full property management system, which will allows you to take control of all the day-to-day activities related to your properties and tenants, through one account and a single login.

Happy Tenant reduces your administrative work smartly, by improving the workflow, providing easy access and better communication, anytime, anywhere.

Happy Tenant optimizes your business operations and identifies opportunities to complete more work in less time.

Main features of HappyTenant are:

Reduced administrative work

Happy Tenant is a complete solution because you run your entire business from one software system.

Better communication with Owners and Tenants

Keep owners and tenants up-to-date with personalized notifications through Happy Tenant’s portal.

Online Rent Payment

Accept online payments and let your tenant pay the rent without any hassle.

Visual Maintaince Request

Its Easy! Let your tenant take a photo to submit visual requests for maintenance or repairs.

More efficient leasing process

Create as many lease templates as necessary to go paperless, save time and money and reduce turnaround time.

Professional Websites

Property Managers can activate their marketing website which helps in finding tenants, listing rentals and sharing information about their company, agents, location, etc.

Lava Brands proudly introduces full property management solution HappyTenant which comes up with amazing following benefits:

Cost Efficient:

Happy tenant is designed to be cost and time effective and it will cut your operational costs as well in managing properties.


HappyTenant is an interactive software designed considering all the aspects of user experience.
It is very much interactive, user friendly and easy to use software.

Smart Property Management System:

Instead of spread sheets, sticky notes, angry calls and wall notices it is time for something better easier and smarter. HappyTenant is a solution to these hassles.

Reduced Administrative Work:

HappyTenant reduces your administrative work smartly, by improving the workflow, providing easy access and better communication, anytime, anywhere.

Secure Your Legal Documents:

HappyTenant keeps your legal documents secure and accessible for you anytime you want.

Submit Visual maintenance Requests:

Tenants can submit visual maintenance requests by just uploading a photo or a short video.

Community Service Feature:

HappyTenant cares for its community and introduces a community service feature which connects tenants together to share their happy moments,stories and to organise meet up events.

Selling Households And Furniture:

HappyTenant makes it easier for you to sell households and furniture by spreading the word into the community with just a single click.

Set A Playtime:

HappyTenant allows you to set a playtime within your community and have some physical workout to stay healthy.
HappyTenant cares for its tenants!

On-board Switching Software:

On-board Switching software can be tricky, but Happy Tenant makes it easy.
Our dedicated On-board team will have you up and running in no time.

Pay Rent Online:

HappyTenant makes it easier for both parties including property managers and tenant to pay the rent online.


Ladies and gentlemen, the wait and property management hassle times are over now.We have developed a system which works on a single login and functions with single click.
It has got all from notifications to paying the rent online.Community service features keep the tenants happy and build a community system with in your property to spread happiness in today’s time of busyness where one has got a lot more to do but very little to be happy on.
HappyTenant cares for its community and that is why we focused not only to make this system hassles free for the property managers to perform their day to day activities but also to provide our Tenants a community which never makes them feel of being alone in a metro city and to give them feel like home with a shared community features and services.


Tenants will love HappyTenant because it’s easy to use and secure.


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