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We look at how people of all types, whether novices or “power users”, come to understand digital systems.We create intuitive interactive tools to navigate and control the interface, in order to enable a proper degree of brand expression and to bring a sense of delight to the navigation.

Website Design & Development

Website development at LAVA Brands starts with the wireframe designing keeping user experience as the priority to develop the website. After wire framing we are focused on easy, clean and creative designing of the website to give the best look n feel to your custom website, making sure its engaging and eye-catching to the end users. We set functional, non-functional requirements first at development phase and according select our tools, language and technology to develop customize content management systems (CMS). LAVA Brands doesn’t stop at Development and launching we make sure that the website runs smoothly and for that we provide
• Website maintenance
• Website Hosting
• Optimization

Application Development

We at LAVA Brands consider app and digital integration as the most essential tool to penetrate in the competitive market alongside conventional tools to stay a step head and position the brand rightly for the consumers. We always define the value cycle for the app we are about to create. The perceived value for the client, end user and for us While creating the app, we make sure that it doesn't only fulfill the business objective, but also reap its own seeds.


We believe in organically positioning the business to its deserved position. Our ability and SEO systems come tuned in to the changing calculations of Google and other web indexes to do the best for our customers and we are dedicated to achieve higher goals every month.
• On-site optimization
• Off-site optimization
• PPC and Link Building


LAVA Brands holds proficiency in handling paid search advertising campaigns like Pay Per Click, affiliate marketing and banner advertising. Our vast experience in carrying out such projects ensures that your website is visible on all online media, not just search engines. The reasons why LAVA Brands is unique for social engine marketing are
• High traffic at low investment
• Optimal click-through rate
• Access to various online marketing platforms
• Sell your products through a larger vendor base


We believe that the era of social media is reaching its heights and is the essential driving force for marketing for any business that cannot be ignored. LAVA Brands offers you the perfect platform for Social Media Optimization to reach your target audience, communicate directly with your niche and convert the traffic to the desired landing page for get the ROI. What LAVA Brands will do for your business:
• Manage your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and other popular social media handles
• Paid and free marketing, advertising and outreach campaigns on SMM sites
• Integrated campaign on your social media handle alongside conventional execution
• Social Media Marketing (SMM)
• Interact with audience and leads
• Render customer support and online reputation management.

E-commerce Websites

We believe to have a robust eCommerce website is the foundation of your online business, so we develop your e-commerce store keeping in view that it increases your profitability while utilizing the latest technology. Our eCommerce solutions offer the best in features and functionality while being completely customizable. Our team will discuss your custom needs and tailor a solution that matches your brand’s eCommerce goals.
• Drive Sales Across All Devices
• From Homepage to Checkout, Fast!
• Robust Product Features & Capabilities
• Easily Manage Your Content & Scale
• A Powerful Marketing Suite