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At LAVA Brands, the branding industry is no longer traditional; it is non-stop developing, dynamic and innovative. Our resources are employed to carve out a powerful and unforgettable identity that your brand deserves.

Research & Insights

The exploration and research is unarguably the most important phase of work in any assignment. The lack of differentiation amongst many brands in the majority of sectors is a direct result of clients and agencies not taking this stage seriously enough.

LAVA Brand works on desk research for the brand to analyze the current market positioning, customer perception and value of the brand and of the competitors.

To develop a branding strategy, it is essential to first have the right data from the market regarding the competition, demand & supply gaps, consumer behaviors to the particular industry/product, buying process and communication direction.

Only after some extensive research & insights analysis findings can be calculated.


On the basis of the findings from the research, branding strategy is developed according to the specific needs and demand of the brand to position it uniquely in already cluttered market to create a new space for a unique product.

Brand personality is designed accordingly to create the right sync for of brand communication on all platforms.

Vision, mission, values, promise and perceived benefits are defined and locked to set the direction for brand timelessly.


From the strategy visual direction for brand communications are visualized and concepts are drawn to get to the perfect visual strategy for the branding exercise.

To establish an impactful and significant brand which should also have a differentiated positioning/presence in the market and advertising channels.

Creative Designing

LAVA Brands do creative designs for all the communication and corporate collateral designing, branding, marketing and advertising requirements from the clients.

We do developing creative artwork from the concepts and adaptation or redesigning of already approved visuals for all the platforms.

Brand Creation

We at LAVA Brands creates brands from the scratch, from marketing research to develop strategy, concept creation and execution.

Within the span of time we have successfully created more than 15 brands which are now very well perceived and known in the region.

Communication Designs

LAVA Brands render the creative services for communication design for all ATL, BTL and TTL platform. We do creative for electronic media communication, TVC creation and production, print, magazine, outdoor, events and its collaterals and digital media creatives/content creation and management.