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At LAVA Brands, the branding industry is no longer traditional; it is non-stop developing, dynamic and innovative. Our resources are employed to carve out a powerful and unforgettable identity that your brand deserves. Successful communication campaign starts with the consumer: how they interact with your brand greatly depends on how the brand initiates the interaction. The competition and intelligent consumer calls for more in-depth, integrated campaigns that can reach and interact with consumers wherever they are. The simpler and more human the experience, the more likely consumers will be able to connect.

Research & Insights

Analysis of the Business or brand’s and research to date to establish current brand perceptions. Inclusive of business strategy, presentations to analysts/customers, marketing plans, recent market research (no older than 18 months), organization chart, competitive set, media coverage. Global benchmarking and best practices within the industry catalog to provide insight into how we can create a world-leading brand. Insights from the research and analysis of the industry to obtain a proper data on which the strategy can be develop for positioning, marketing and targeting the right audience.


At LAVA Brands, when considering brand, we often talk about it in terms of ‘reputation’ as it helps us to make it more personal. Three core elements that we believe form the DNA of any brand – Identity, Behavior and Performance. Next step is to derive vision, mission, values, promise, and benefits, brand positioning, brand architecture and personality to set goals and path from the very beginning to take the brand forward.


LAVA Brands develop visual concepts based on the strategy to give visual language to brand/business. Visualizing the way to strategic visual communication of the brand with its stakeholders, the colors, the intensity of the design and creative elements, direction for the communication (soft, bold, strong, subtle, loud, expressive, elite or masses)

Creative Designing

LAVA Brands creates the visual language for business or brand in an innovative and view changing direction to uplift image. We do not design random icons or collaterals we strategically derive the direction of creative designing and execute the design job according to the strategic direction to reach set goal and contribute in getting ROIs.

Brand Creation

Brand Creation at LAVA Brands has an extensive procedure, which starts from research, developing strategies, conceptualization to creative designing, We don’t create just the identity we gives the reason and rational behind the identity we have created.

Communication Designs

LAVA Brands continuously supports the business/brand long after the creation in providing them with the tools to penetrate and position rightly in concentrated market.