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Advertising Concepts / Product Revamps / Animations / Campaign

LAVA Brands has provided SIB with the UI/UX designing for their website and application launched the smiles campaign along with SIB from concept creation to creative as well as communication design and execution. We manage their advertising and branding needs as required. 

User Research

In order come up with the concept for user experience design and product branding, LAVA Brands initiated in-depth research, customer and market surveys, industry analysis, followed by a strategic branding approach that was developed based on the findings. The concept development leads to ‘the big idea’ that was brought to life by the expert designing of each and every element of the branding elements. We interviewed a stratified sample of around 25 plus people, who are online banking users with SIB or any other bank. The respondents were from a diverse demographic background of age group between 23 to 45 years and are white and pink-collar level employees.

User Research

High-level wireframe

Due to the complexity of the online banking functionality, an extensive and high-level wire framing was developed to make sure that every possible function of online banking is executable and is user-friendly while making sure that the design should never be compromised. Teams worked day and night to present different directions for the UI/UX concepts, keeping in mind that the skeletal framework of ‘stay simple’, ‘user-friendly’ and the same time quick and savvy.

High-level wireframe img
wire frame flow

Color Pallet and Typography

LAVA Brands worked on every minute detail of such an extensive platform. Setting up the relevant color palettes, icons, typography, layouts, the functionality of each element, which elements could be clickable, effects on hover, as well as the connected pages.

Color Palate and Typography img

Web Interface

LAVA Brands executed the concept and brought it to life and released the finished job by a proper handover of all the relevant file, high-res source file to Sharjah Islamic Bank. This would provide the bank use for inspiration or design requirements in future.

Web Interface img

Mobile UI/UX

Similar to the website interface, a mobile responsive version was designed and devolved, along with the mobile app UI/UX, while making sure that essence of the ease remains focused in conjunction with the creativity in design.

Mobile UI/UX IMG
Mobile UI/UX img2