Client: ORGANU

Project: ORGANU

Organu is a family business, and it is here to provide healthy organic baby food that every baby deserves. Organu is not a giant corporation run by money-minded apparatus, rather Organu is a family run business with experience of raising children’s, caring on their well-being. Organu’s consultancy board is run by a team of mothers.
We have toured Europe in the search for the right suppliers. Integrity, honesty, and quality were all attributes that we were searching for. After visiting a plethora of farmers and suppliers, we believe we have found the qualities we were searching for, with ingredients that we and other families would trust.
We aim by creating Organu to provide healthy nutrition for babies, that not only is delicious but aids their growth.
We hope to gain the trust and awareness from families of our brand name, which would constitute of delivering nutritional food to their baby as though it was one of our own

Services Rendered:Brand Identity, Packaging, Brand Guideline


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