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Over the years, NFI has become a household name in the GCC for Quality Snacks.


National Food Industries was established in the year 1977 in a small office in Deira with limited production facilities in Al Quoz. This was a very drastic and difficult step for its entrepreneurs, the late Mr. Lalchand and Mahesh Valabdas, who traditionally came from a family of traders with business links to the Gulf more than 150 years old. Since then, the company has had many successes with a variety of snack products throughout the region. 


Rebranding for the product starts with the logo and its typography. With the challenge to create something new and iconic, LAVA Brands started working on creating the fonts, drew many options in different styles to reach our hero. The typography that will speak for the brand was selected to imbibe a new iconic and fun image around the historical brand.

Typography img

The material

When it comes to the packaging, every little detail matters in order to effectively communicate and position the brand. To give a new iconic, clean, classy, modern and uplifted image to Emirates Pofaki, LAVA Brands proposed a matt finish packaging with vibrant colors to make sure the communication reach the right target audience.

the material img


Infusing the flavors of the product into the creative communication was a mission accomplished. LAVA Brands borrowed some colors from mother nature and combined them with the perfect pantone selection to demonstrate the unique, deserved colors to each flavor.

The Flavors img


The fun elements of the packaging were portrayed by linking the connection between flavor with its related ingredients through exciting illustrations developed by the teams at LAVA Brands. Combination of colors, elements, typography, and illustrations altogether played the role in the refreshed, uplifted rebranding for today's market.

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The packaging img 6
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