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Al Zahia Gift Box

When Al-Zahia felts the need to connect with its customers and present a special gift to only those who are putting in their investments into the project, they trusted LAVA Brands to develop the concept for the VIP giveaway boxes. LAVA Brands looked deep into the brand and its USP and a point, which let the customer feel connected to the Brand. The greens and garden were taken as an inspiration to come up with a unique concept of the giveaway from the traditional way of giving branded key chains, mugs and USBs. LAVA proposed to design and craft a handmade wooden tree-shaped key hanger for the home. The concept was developed keeping in view the usage of key holder and the luxury that is to be provided.

Waterfront City Gift Box

Keeping up with the Brands trust and striving to bring a new unique concept every time, for Waterfront City, LAVA Brands connect the customers to the prime and serene location of their living. The sea, sands, and seashells played the role gave birth to the idea to develop the design of the box and the elements inside related to the colors of the theme, SIMPLE, BRIGHT, JOYFUL.

Al Mouj Muscat Gift Box

Once again for AL Mouj, LAVA Brands creativity, quality, and execution was appreciated by client and a task to conceptualize and design Al Mouj Welcome Box was given Taking into consideration the rich architecture, carving work and colors and theme which standout OMAN, the team at LAVA Brands proposed the concept to present hand carved key hanger in shape of Omani doors. Very delicate handcrafted door shaped key hangers were designed and produced by LAVA Brands for the very niche of Al Mouj to fee the luxury in every received piece fro Al Mouj.

Al Mouj Brochure