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Founded in 2011, Watania was an initiative of Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company, Abu Dhabi National Islamic Finance, Abu Dhabi National Energy Company and Aldar Properties. The vision was to create a leading takaful operator in the UAE which could meet the demand of the market for Sharia compliant takaful products.

Watania's Face

LAVA Brands was given the challenge to create a brand from the very beginning. The team had to build the brand from scratch, developing the directions for brand placement, vision, mission, value and the key element - the name creation.

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The Story

LAVA Brands’ strategists were inspired by the key aspects that a Shariah Compliant Insurance Company should possess and that must be delivered to its customers. To provide the set target audience with the rightful secure lifestyle for a better living, the brand must be innovative, bold, confident, passionate and consistent. Working on these attributes and via market research, LAVA Brands developed a strategy for the brand’s identity. The team worked together to design the elements for its internal and external positioning, what should it communicate and lastly to ensure that both visual and verbal communications are synchronized to build the desired perception in consumer minds.

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After the strategic directions were locked in place, the focus was shifted to create the whole brand experience based on the set strategy and give visual language to the written direction. Creating the brand experience was not only to develop the logo or colors, it was about selecting the perfect selection of color, the mood, the typography, and the design elements which will be later infused together to give the final shape to the experience.

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TV Screens

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Office branding

After the strategic and creative directions were locked in place, the focus was shifted to create the whole brand experience based on the set strategy and transform the visual language into every aspect of branding. Making sure the communication is reached to all the stakeholders. To achieve the integrated approach, the teams at LAVA Brands worked with elements from set visual identity and inspirations from clean, high end design to develop the best branding for internal (office) and external (advertising) that communicate the brand and use the colors that speak of the essence of the brand.

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Brand Guideline

As identity and communication design is not the only part of the brand experience, corporate collateral, stationeries, and uniforms and other elements are combined form the big picture. LAVA Brands provided WTANIA with all the tools that would assist WATANIA and its stakeholders to build a brand, which is consistent in all its communication aspects.

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