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AVA Water is the perfect choice for healthy living. Its superior taste has added minerals and is prepared with the highest of standards- pure water in its most natural form.

Brand Naming

With the intention of capturing an out of box idea, LAVA Brands worked intensively on several concepts to reach the exact definition of AVA: WATER WOMAN in Finnish Mythology.


Once the ‘Big Idea’ was achieved, the main challenge was to bring life to that concept; connect the unknown dots to give it a form and visual shape. The Strategy and Creative teams came together to work on the colors, texture, and shapes to bring the ideal connection. It further developed into a 'mermaid theory' that worked to further enhance the brand.

The Magic

The creative geniuses at LAVA Brands linked the concept with the brand identity through a mermaid’s tail and the purest water drop. Colors were chosen and pantones selected to portray the USP of the product, its quality, and its placement so that the brand is flawlessly communicated.


Once the identity and the concept received the deserved appreciation and was locked in by the Client, teams at LAVA Brands proposed a well-matched packaging to reflect the image that was created. Proposing the crystal bottle with very minimalistic design, clean approach, sleek shape, and the color cap gave the brand the strategic place in the consumer's mind and target market.