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Alafya Chicken endeavors to cater to dynamic consumer tastes with homegrown, premium quality tender chicken. Stringent quality control ensures the freshest and safest chicken. They believe in integrity, transparency, food safety and above all - consumer welfare.

Brand Naming

Naming the product to convert it into a recognizable brand was a challenge, accomplished after stages of brainstorming, meetings creating options to get just the right one. Finally, we had the name that we wanted: “ALAFYA”, which speaks the brand as it was required.

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The team worked extensively on the strategy for the branding of this chicken product at LAVA Brands. We came up with thousands of ideas to reach that one ‘Big Idea’, challenges were faced and overcome to ensure that every aspect of the brand is in sync with another to place the product rightly in the market.

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The Magic

One of the key components to conceptualization that brings life into the concept is selecting the perfect combination of colors that communicate every essence of the brand and present those colors into the biggest part of the brand communication, the identity. Teams at LAVA Brands made the odds work together and proposed a timeless identity that stood out from the rest.

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A non-stoppable series of idea storming started to give the brand its final shape, teams geared up for converting the ‘Big idea’ into each extension of the brand, while design worked on creating the brand’s bible, UI/UX team got busy conceptualizing the User Interface, Experience, Design and more.

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Successfully reaching the packaging element of the brand and keeping the essence intact, our teams kept the classic, clean and simple feel of the communication and incorporated it into the packaging. Making sure that the product will be properly visible, so the freshness can be checked and related and relevant details are placed in accordance. Simply, accomplishing the challenge by keeping all the elements of design, information, details and let the product clearly visible.

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Website Design

Our Digital Development teams worked in synchronization and alongside to save the time and ensure a quick and reliable launch of the brand's virtual existence. The team worked on converting the wire framing, the design elements into the digital language, to ensure the functionality and responsiveness of the website at were at its best. It was imperative to communicate the proper and upright information about the brand, the company, and manufacturing process to the stakeholders virtually.

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Social Media

The partnership between LAVA Brands and Agriona Trading continues for a long-term prospering relationship, and the agency now handles the ALAFYA virtual handle. Creating monthly creative communication designs to manage and advertise ALAFYA on different virtual platforms all been done with LAVA Brands since the start of our relationship.

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