The staple of every millennial smart-phone, Snapchat’s ability to cater to a dynamic tech-savvy consumer base is nothing short of ingenious. Following the green-brick road, Snapchat is planning to open up its platform to advertisers through its ‘Discover’ option.

This new bid, previously only meant for publications, can revolutionize how ads are consumed. What’s more, it will work in tandem with boosting brand experience and exposure.

Snapchat’s interface balances immersive, full text overlays and animation with the traditional option of flipping past uninteresting content in bite sized chunks. Publishers like CNN, Cosmopolitan and the Daily Beast are already highly popular on the medium and brands will have to understand the demographics of the audiences which they cater to.

If done right, the amount of reach is truly staggering. According to articles by Sprinklr and Digiday, Cosmopolitan, the top Discover publisher, has a reach of around 3 million views per day.

Discover is just one of the many revenue-generating areas provided by Snapchat. ‘Live Stories’, which will allow for sponsored filters and lenses to be accessible to users will be launching soon. These could easily be the ones which get the most traction.

Kate Lewis, the owner of Cosmopolitan in an article stated that the magazine’s Discover Stories are shared up to 1.2 million times per day. Ads and links were a part of the stories which users might have swiped across, but would definitely have seen. The impossibility of ads being left unseen is what the app- giant guarantees.

So, maybe it is time for brands to think about engaging their audiences in more innovative ways and reinvent their approach. Perhaps Snapchat might be the most novel way yet.


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