Check Latest Social Media Stats Report for 2017 in UAE

Social Media Stats Report for 2017 in UAE by Social Media Agency in Dubai

Social media network is covering vast areas in the Middle East including UAE after completing successful expedition in Europe. It is the most interesting virtual media for communication. People prefer regular presence on the social media to see the world in a dynamic color of adventure. UAE is one of the strong competitors to upgrade the social media marketing industry. Statistic reports for 2017 have confirmed the advancement of online social media and online marketing. Apart from entertainment, global customers, entrepreneurs, marketers, and business analyzers like to check major social media websites to monitor the online trading. Business and customers in UAE use social media to stay updated and used the latest tools and techniques to stay connected to their target audience through inbound marketing.

Integrated Social Media In UAE Attracts People

Social media has given an integrated system for product marketing, customer care, and smooth correspondence to build up a relationship with online consumers. UAE government tries to borrow European digital technology for enhancing the innovation in content delivery, data security and the information updates. Instead of handling intricate software, have a nice mobile apps toolkit to keep in touch with anyone. Custom global communication system is really awesome due to its multiple functionalities to make the online communication convenient for a newbie. The top social media agency in Dubai ensures the creation of a qualitative environment for encouraging people to realize the importance of social media. Interaction with international social media networks accelerates. Daily comments, posts, and reactions of people redefine the usefulness of social media.

New Update

Social media stat reports for 2017 indicate the flawless growth of social media In UAE with havoc number of fans to visit Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as well. This stat update in November showcases the improvement in the site checking and daily visitors at a Facebook gallop. For instance, 5,96,349 Facebook fans on an average basis hit this global chatting platform with their personal profiles and pictures. Twitter fans also go for opening the site for finding the newbie. In UAE regularly 2,38,872 fans select Twitter for message posting, dating, and shopping. Youtube is a little bit behind with 22,753 regular visitors.

New Horizon Explored in Social Media UAE

Steadily, elite people in UAE choose top-notch social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They are becoming social with desires to navigate in popular social media studios before buying products. On the other hand, businessmen experience the flow of newcomers through social media. Especially, new start-up web design companies, product selling agencies, and retailers get quick replies from customers. Their websites earn awe-inspiring SERP rates due to increase in the volume of website visits. A myth about online marketing is tackled. Earlier, conservative families in UAE discarded Internet and social media because of a tough language barrier. Most of them faced trouble to chat with European customers. So naturally, the recession happened in the digital industry. In 2017, this trend went down with the massive development of sites optimization program. Right now, around 85-90 percent citizens in UAE are visible with their profiles online to meet their friends. Entrepreneurs get benefits of launching their Cloud-based websites, which are connected with global social media center. The content is available in English and local dialect. Therefore, non-English speaking, community members are able to handle their clients and visitors without any odd issue.

Innovation in Social Media Platform for Business Growth and Customer Care

The government of UAE utilizes the social media technology for health awareness and successful literacy campaign. New Generation Z (born in 1995) must be enticed to learn about the virtual world. E-learning strategies are less troublesome to make young students knowledgeable about the modern education system. Slowly, they are acquainted with SAP, Cloud, and IOT enabled social media network. UAE is now a topper in the Arab world to expand the social media for business growth, product promotion, and marketing. Innovative mobile apps are added to the website upgrade, enabling people to do browsing on their smartphones. Thus, speed in gaining web traffic seems to be unbelievably soaring up. The online website exposure is much fast due to the availability of compatible social media systems. UAE Brainstorming Session is the awe-inspiring program, which has been approved by Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice President/Prime Minister of UAE. His objective is easy to understand. He wants public opinions and their new productive suggestions/ideas how to mobilize the access to national communication. Social media improves the way of internal correspondence and global communication.

Updated Survey Reports on Social Media Visitors in Dubai

The new survey held in Dubai states that last year Facebook ranked top outperforming other social media service providers such as Twitter. Around 89 percent citizens in UAE run social media application tools for different purposes. Youtube achieved 73 percent visitors who are interested to have new mobile social media apps features to navigate on this sought-after online social media site. Snapchat, Linkedin, and other local social media platforms struggle to have more visitors to defy Facebook. Abdullah Lootah who is the eminent director of Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Bureau is ambitious. UAE hires potential IT experts, programmers and software developers to decorate social media networking systems. The relationship between UAE higher authority and the decision makers of society will be strengthened.

UAE will invest more dollars for easy data sharing, message retrieval, site navigating, content processing and social media sites security. Free mobile apps method will lure Generation Z and serious businessmen to activate glossy virtual social media web portal.





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