How to Create a Perfect Brand Style Guide

Are you harboring plans on becoming an entrepreneur who runs a successful organization? Do you have an idea that can be blossomed into a product which will become popular among the customers? Then please note, to become successful, you have to convert the product into a brand. In this article, you will be given information to prepare a brand style guide that will turn the product into a popular brand.



The ‘brand style guide’ is best defined as the document which offers information on the way an organization makes its presence in the world by its products. In other words, the style guide is better understood as a reference tool which keeps a tab on the looks, advertisements and every aspect of a product.

The style guide is also called as a “Guide Bible” because it represents and reflects your company’s personality. Moving away from the guidelines will confuse your customers and make them turn their gaze on competitor products. Small changes are okay, but a complete change will ward off the loyal customers.

Creation of Brand Style Guide


Let us say, your favorite biscuit is “m&m’s” – it comes only with a yellow color package and yellow cover. Now, you can easily spot the biscuit wrapper from a heap of other biscuits. Now, the m&m’s company markets the product only with the color “yellow”, m&m’s is easily recognizable because your brain easily distinguishes by the same logo, color, font, and image.


Preparation of the style guide requires you to place focus on five important components – core values, mission and vision of the organization, target audience and personality of the brand.

Mission – The statement should be on how the company should be in the business sector.

Vision – The statement should specify your goals. In other words, it should be related to the financial success of the company.

Values: The real factor behind the success of the organization. This factor is responsible for actions and decision taken by the company.

Target Audience – You should be able to identify and list your customers. You should know the reason for the success of the product. A market research can throw more light on the popularity of the product. Having vital information on the needs of the customers will make your team members communicate more effectively thus driving sales.

Personality – Have a word on how the product can be looked upon by the customers. Does it solve one of their daily problems? Prepare a list of adjectives that give the best interpretation of your brand. For example – classic, trendy?

Ask Teams from Various Departments to Create Images for Advertisements.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Give various teams of your company reference points and ask them to design an image. This exercise builds team co-operation and gives different ideas. Some ideas though for designing the image will be –

What has worked for similar brands in the previous years?

What are the images designed by competitor companies

What are the questions that are answered frequently? If the same questions are recurring, then they can be added to your style guide.

Having a meeting of all the team members will help define the feel and look of how to make the product into a brand. There will be numerous corrections, additions, and deletions.

It is better to keep versions of the style guide. In case, a document is made on the month of December 2017, then it should be labeled as Brand Style Guide – December 2017. Corrections should never be made to the existing document. A new document should always be labeled with the date and month.

Essential Elements for Creating the Brand Style Guide


You need to hire the services of an experienced designer who can understand your thoughts and convert them to images and then brand elements. Please note, a brand design is discovered – so it is essential that you maintain an excellent relationship with the concerned professional. Now let us look at the six core elements required.

1. Brand Story

You need to write simple summaries that can put a spotlight on the product and turn it into a brand. The words will represent your brand’s personality but ensure that the mission, vision, personality, audience, and values are all represented in the words.

2. Logo

One of the main factors for the customer to recognize your product as the brand. Ensure that you design the perfect size. The same size, color, font, and image should be used in all cases and situations.

3. Color

Color is often thought of as a simple factor, but look into how you recognize a favorite brand product? By its color. Usually, a brand has four or five colors in its division. Popular brands use the light color as a background, dark color in case of words etc. These two aspects can specify your brand.

4. Size of Words

Another important factor is the selection of font size of words. Usually, the font size will be different than the words used in logos. An experienced designer can give the best advice in these situations. You will have to take care of the alignment of the words and kerning ratios for creating a perfect style.

5. Best Images

The images in the package cover of the product can make or mar your brand. Ensure you give a consideration for all the competitor brands and decide the best. Also, do not forget to include the call-to-action communication gestures in the images.

6. Voice

Choose the best set of words that can describe the product. In short, select the right type of adjectives.


Does the brand style guide fit the organization product, vision, mission and core values? It is for the higher management team to make the perfect decision.  In recent times, all companies have websites and it is mandatory that the color of the website should also be in tandem with the brand style guide.

As the company grows, you will learn from different experiences and various customers. Chances are that you want to revisit and add to your brand style guide.

A brand tells the customer how it scored over the competitors. It also informs your team members on how to make customers stay loyal.

There are big companies which have brand style guides as thick as a book, while small companies have it as a single page.

Have we clarified the making of a brand style guide? Did we miss any valuable point or topic? If so, kindly specify by putting a review in the Comments section.

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