We are living in the digital age and digital technology has become the part of everyday life. We cannot live a day without using our smartphones and its applications (facebook, instagram, etc). So when Yas Island approached Lava Brands for an activation to promote their brand we decided to harness the power of digital technology because through digital technology people can experience Yas Island in a better way than the traditional marketing activation. The result is the “Yas Mall Hub Activation”.

yas mall hub- lava brands new


Basically it’s a structured 3-D cube with a touch screen mounted on the three sides of the cube. The first screen is the Selfie wall, the second wall is the puzzle game consisting of the fantastic images of Yas Island assets  while the third one is the interactive information wall about Yas Island assets(Ferrari World, Water world, Yas Marina Circuit, Yas Links, Yas Marina, Yas Beach, Yas Plaza Hotels, etc.).

People love to take selfie and share it on social media. Thus Selfies became the integral part of social media so that we have implemented Selfie wall as the first screen of the cube.  Visitors instantly have the opportunity to snap a selfie due to the unique background feature of one of the various renowned landmarks of Yas Island. (Ferrari World, Water world, Yas Marina Circuit, Yas Links, Yas Marina, Yas Beach, Yas Plaza Hotels, etc.). Once the background selected, visitors can add more fun to the experience by adding a prebuilt digital die cut from the options where they can fit themselves and snap their selfie. Then the visitors can share the selfie on social media channels with #yasisland to win big prizes or send it to their email inbox.


yas mall hub-selfie-lava brands

Jigsaw puzzle games are quite interesting to both kids and adults so that we have incorporated puzzle game for the second wall. There are two levels for the game, easy for the kids and difficult for the adults. To promote Yas island assets we choose images of the assets for the puzzle game.  The one who finishes the game with in the top ten score will have an instant prize. With the puzzle game we aim to convince the visitors the fact that Yas Island is the place for fun and enjoyment.


yas mall hub-puzzle-lava brands

The third interactive information wall displays the Yas Island map with all the details of each Yas Island assets including the description, working hours, facts, images and videos in both Arabic and English.

yas mall hub- yas island information wall-lava brands

By interacting with the cube visitors can virtually experience the Yas Island and its assets so that LAVA Brands can confirm that Yas Mall Hub Activation is the integration of creativity with digital technology for the memorable Yas Island experience.

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