Adobe Scan App Update


Adobe has rolled out “Adobe Scan app” update for its users. With this new app, physical documents can be edited and scanned.

This new app is available for both Android and iOS users.

According to the company, “ AdobeScan turns your phone or tablet into a powerful scanning and text recognition tool that converts printed text into digital text that can then be re-used wherever you need it. Whether you’re snapping a picture of a slide during a planning meeting to work into your yearly plan, or grabbing an image of a design board off your camera roll and reworking the copy before sending to your client for approval – Adobe Scan helps you get work done from anywhere”.

The new feature is powered by Adobe Sensei, a unified Al, and machine learning framework. Adobe scan uses Adobe Sensei to detect words and makes them editable.

The company said in an official statement, “Adobe Scan is powered by Adobe Sensei, a unified AI and machine learning framework that’s the magic behind the world’s best digital experiences. Adobe Sensei’s advanced image processing techniques like boundary detection, auto-crop and capture, perspective correction and auto-clean

remove shadows and enable Adobe Scan to create crystal clear Adobe PDFs”.

Furthermore, after trying this app few Android users were complaining that this new scan app is not working properly as it is not editing some documents.

The company has updated its platform after much time. You can try Scan yourself here.

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