Logos are the symbols used by organizations to easily recognize them. Logos are generally purely graphic or wordmark or composed of both graphic and wordmarks. Generally logos are associated with value of the brands. Here in this article we are pointing out the basic characteristics of perfect logos. Logos must be clean and simple, for example Apple’s and Nike’s logo. The next characteristic is that logos must be unique for example Starbucks coffee and Nestle logos. Also logos must be memorable that people cannot forget once they see it for example Google’s and Toyota’s logos. Also it is good if the logo is directly related to the brand for example Gold’s Gym and Amazon logos. It is good if the logo is balanced because logos can easily apply to any materials related to the brand without any hassle. The last and final characteristic of the perfect logo is it can withstand time without any change for example Cocacola’s, IBM’s and Redcross’s logos.

6 characteristics of perfect logos

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