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Mammut, renamed as Memar Building systems, is a subsidiary of Emaar Industries and Investments. They are one of the largest manufacturers of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings (PEB) and sandwich panels in the world. MBS is specialized in the design, manufacture and supply of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings (PEB), using internationally recognized engineering software and the most advanced production machineries in the PEB industry.


When it comes to rebranding, LAVA Brands follows its philosophy of looking it into the older brand or the company to explore and pick the element that can be the engine to the rebranding train. Strategy and creative stars at LAVA Brands started their finding and came up with the format of the structure and architecture inside MBS warehouse, industry and overall process to create the mood board for further brand creation.

The Story

Creative nerds at LAVA brands took the moodboard to the next level and create the fonts for the brand’s logo, taking shapes and elements from the structural shapes. Dipping the logo into the right color that communicated the essence and values of the company and lastly adding the typography as the topping to give the brand its final image.


A new brand and a new identity is incomplete without its communicational tools. LAVA Brands provided MBS with the right tools to use for it's internal, external and corporate communications. They designed and developed each collateral keeping the brand essence intact in each element.

Brand Guideline

To provide continuous support to the brand regardless of the time, LAVA Brands created a brand bible for MBS for guidance related to their marketing, advertising and corporate communication. This also included setting the typography to primary and secondary color pallets and design communication layouts.